Book Review – The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships by Bill Farr

I found The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships on the Book Club Reading List and was interested in reading it because I am very interested in howThe Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships by Bill Farr we interact with each other on every level.


Bill Farr takes us on a journey inside ourselves. He gives us the tools to see how we react to others and how others react around us. We are shown different personality traits and told that everyone does not fit neatly inside one trait or another. We are evolving beings and can find ourselves moving between the traits given our surroundings. In understanding the various traits, we can see reasons for our reactions to others and how we view the world around us. This can sometimes be a painful experience, but a necessary element to become a better version of ourselves. Gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, opens us up to the possibility of understanding the choices we make in relationships, and gives us hope to experience deeper, lasting relations with others.

“In order to be in an emotionally healthy relationship, one must have many things: acceptance, affection, appreciation, approval, attention, comfort, encouragement, respect, security, and support.”


The broader concept here is self-discovery. Looking within to become in tune with ourselves. As stated earlier, not everyone will fit neatly within one personality trait. Due to this, it is important to become aware of your reactions to others and to tune into the other’s personality. By doing this, you can realize the shift and become aware if you are staying in tune to your true self, or if you are masking to fit the situation. One of the deeper topics within this book is looking into people who continually choose others that are wrong for them. Some people go against their natural personality type, and this creates discord within the relationship. They may have an experience from the past that is clouding their judgement regarding how to see their true nature. Another topic is people who choose others that are right for them, but again they have experiences clouding their judgement, and they do not realize they are pushing the right ones away.

“At the start of most relationships, people build a rapport relating to one another strictly by pathology or the ability a potential partner has to alleviate their fears.”

Another important point in the book is to realize that there are no good or bad personalities. The main personalities are labeled “Entitled” and “Support”, but one is not better than the other. These names are used to define the actions and thoughts of the individuals. The Entitled individuals are more take charge, and the Support individuals are more advocates.



I found the overall layout of the book to be easy to follow. In the beginning, there was an introduction that explained the concepts and topics that would be touched upon later in the reading. There was a foundational message for what was important for all relationships and six pillars for a healthy relationship. At the end of the book is a glossary that will help define the terms within the context of the writing. This is extremely helpful to clear out the preconceived ideas that people have when they hear certain words.

There is a quiz offered to show the reader what personality type they lean towards. This makes the reading more interactive, along with having communication exercises to share with a significant other.


Bill Farr offers us a well-rounded read that explains our personality types, helps us understand our partner’s personality type, and offers activities to bring us to a deeper understanding of each other.

It is a book you will read over and over and glean something new every time you pick it up.couple on the beach silhouette

“Transformation is more than just a change in your behavior, it comes from within; causing a certain contentment with no further energy wasted on the old behavior.”

This book is a 4 cupper!




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